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How to Schedule a Meeting in Teams

How to schedule a meeting within Microsoft Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. On the left, go to Calendar
  3. Click on New Meeting at the top right corner of the screen
  4. Fill out the information for your meeting
  5. Add people to your meeting by specifying the channel/team or in the box below with their email address
  6. Click on Schedule

How to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

You can join a Teams meeting in two ways

  1. Click on the link in the email
  2. Dial into the meeting and use the Conference ID to join via phone.

Before joining a meeting, ensure that any headset you are using is plugged into the computer

The various functions when in the meeting are:
Camera on/off
Microphone mute/unmute
Share: Powerpoint, Window, or entire screen

  • When sharing a screen, you can give control of your screen to another meeting participant
  • To stop sharing your screen click the square with the x at the bottom at the bottom right of the screen or on the call screen.

Device Settings: Lets you change the audio/video device for the meeting.
Meeting Notes: Once you write notes for the meeting, they will be saved to the chat log
Meeting Details: Shows various information about the meeting.

Additional information: Teams-Presentation.pdf

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