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New Employee Training List

Below is a list of IT related things that should be known by all new UIC Employees.


  • For all IT work requests, a support ticket MUST be created by one of two ways.
    • You can submit a support ticket by clicking on the “Usui IT Support” icon that is located on every computer’s desktop. There is also a link on the homepage of under UIC Links.
    • You can also submit a support ticket by simply sending an email to with the issue summary as the Subject and details of the issue in the Body.

When submitting a support ticket be sure to include the Host Name of the computer that you are having problems with. The host name can be found in the top right corner of your screen.

If you are having issues with a specific printer, include the name of the printer when submitting your support ticket. The name of the printer should be on a label located on the front of the printer.


  • To add a printer to your computer, open Printers on your desktop and go to:
  • Once you open the Printers Application, search for the printer you wish to add (The name of the printer should be on a label located on the front of the printer)
  • Once you find the printer you wish to add, right click on it and select Connect.


  • To delete a printer from your computer, click on the start menu and type Printers.
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners icon that shows up under Best match.

  • Within the Printers & scanners settings page, click on the printer you wish to remove.
  • Click Remove device and then click Yes.

IT is not responsible for installing and removing printers. This responsibility falls on the user who wishes to do so.


  • You can scan physical documents to your email using the large office printer/copier (For example: VAP-CLC-060).
  • Press Scan/Fax on the printer.
  • Find and select your name on the list.
  • Hit Start.
  • You can then find the scanned document in your email as an attachment.

█╣ Microsoft Teams ╠█

  • All of your department’s documents will be located within Teams under Files.
  • If you need access to your department files or to be a part of your department Team, you must contact your Department Manager.
  • To get access to other department files or to be a member of other department Team, please contact that Department Manager.
  • It is the responsibility of the Team Members to share documents and folders.


While I appreciate that some of you want to check if a email is valid before you click on the link, it would be much better to just delete it.  If you feel the need to send IT a question regarding an email, that is your first clue you should delete it.

If you receive a link in an email or document, you should go to the actual site yourself.  For example, you receive an email about your mail service, instead of clicking on a link that says “Resolve Errors Here,” Exit the email and then go to the actual address of your email site.  This is a very common problem with bank scams also, you should never click a link that somebody sends you to go to your bank website, exit the email and go to the bank’s actual website address.

If you receive a link in an email you can “Hover the link” to see if the address matches.  If you hover your cursor over this link  Visit Bank of America  you may see the actual address in the bottom left corner of your browser, this will give you a clue of where it actually is going to send you.  Again it would be best to just exit the email and go to Bank of America’s website directly.

If someone calls you on the phone asking for personal information, usernames, or passwords, you should hang up.

If any “IT” person asks you to give them you login information, you should not give it to them.

Unrecognized emails, or phone calls – Hangup or hit Delete

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