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COVID-19 Over-the-Count Test Kit Coverage | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Change Information
Beginning 1/15, at home-rapid tests purchased by members are eligible for member reimbursement. In order to have a program in place that meets federal requirements on 1/15, Michigan Planners will be using our existing reimbursement process, but with updated forms for the member. This is an interim step that Michigan Planners is doing to meet the requirements in a timely fashion. More information will come as details emerge. A copy of the new Covid-19 Testing Reimbursement form is linked below.

  • The new program allows for reimbursement for up to 8 at-home rapid diagnostic COVID-19 tests per member every 30 days.
  • Tests must be purchased on or after 1/15/2022.
  • Tests must be FDA authorized (these are listed on their website, but I’m also attaching a link here)
  • The new program does not cover tests used for employment purposes

Please note that members should fill out the reimbursement form, attach receipts, and submit the form online or mail the form to us. Michigan Planners will then input the form for claims processing and mail a check back to the member, if the submission form qualifies. Our intent is to process these claims as soon as possible; however, due to ongoing mail delays and without knowing the volume of requests we will receive, it could take up to 60 days for members to receive reimbursement.

Michigan Planners Contact Information
Phone: 1-800-674-9235 or 1/536-263-0960

Tools and Forms:
COVID-19 Over-the-Counter Cost Coverage Notice | BCBSM
Member Reimbursement Form

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