FSA/DCA Debit Card FAQs

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What happens if I forget to submit verification?

  • If we do not receive your documentation within 60 days of the purchase, your BASIC Benefits Card will be suspended.
  • If your card is suspended, you can have it reactivated by submitting the requested documentation or refund the amount charged (see steps below under ineligible items).
  • While your card is suspended you may still submit reimbursement requests for items or services for which you paid out of pocket (see above for instructions regarding reimbursements).
  • You can prevent your card from being temporarily suspended by monitoring your transaction status via your online access.

What happens if I purchase an ineligible item(s)?

  • You will receive an email or letter from BASIC requesting a refund.
    • Mail a check, payable to your employer, to BASIC at 9246 Portage Industrial Dr, Portage MI 49024.
    • Once this is received, your account will be credited and the check will be forwarded to your employer.

What if I do not have my BASIC Benefits Card and I need to purchase a qualified product or service?

  • Pay your bill with your own cash, debit/credit card, or check
  • Keep your itemized billing statements and Explanation of Benefits
  • Submit a request for reimbursement (see above)

Why doesn’t my card work at the pharmacy or retailer?

  • The pharmacy or retailer may not be IIAS compliant
  • You may have outstanding debit card transactions that need to be verified
  • You may be trying to purchase an item that is not eligible under IRS Regulations