Welcome to UIC

Our corporation is built on very fundamental principles of providing a superior product, engineered to our customer’s needs, delivered in a quality manner to our customers, on time to meet their delivery requirements. To accomplish this we rely on our outstanding personnel resources, developing long term relationships with valued customers, and developing products that benefit our customers.

Usui International Corporation is part of Usui Kokusai Sangyo Kaisha group a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of diesel tubing, GDI tubing, auto tubing, fans, fan drives, fuel rail, and fuel and EGR coolers. In the U.S. we have manufacturing facilities located  in Chesapeake Virginia, Sharonville Ohio, as well as a Sales and Corporate Office located in Plymouth Michigan.

With the Usui network we are able to meet customer’s needs around the world. Our U.S. Corporation has a diversified list of industry leading customers in the automotive, industrial, construction, and agricultural markets. We recognize our duty of serving customers, being responsive to our environment in which we live and work, and developing our resources to meet our corporate responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Thank you visiting our site and we hope we can be of service to you.